Random data for testing web sites

This web page provides random data for testing web sites such as shopping carts.

The data assumes the purchaser is a United States resident. Payment card numbers are valid. Zip codes and area codes are correct for the city. All other data is random.

Include the following data


All email addresses will have example.com as the domain unless you specify a different domain.



Example data

Samantha Harmon First and last names are selected at random
5359 Soledad Pl Apt 2521 The house number is totally random. The street name is selected at random. This address probably does not exist. It may not even make sense within the layout of the city. The Likelihood of this fictional person living in an aprtment is based on the percentage of people living in this state who live in apartments.
Winslow, IL 61089 This city really exists. This is a valid zip code for this city.
815-504-5273 The phone number is random, but could exist. The area code is correct for this city.
sharmon@example.com The email address is simply the first initial and last name @example.com. If you provide a domain that you own, you could test the email features in your app by receiving emails at your catch-all address.
sharmon The suggested user name is simply the first initial and last name. It is provided in case copy and paste is easier than typing something in, or you lose track of which test_# you are on.
Visa: 4691035565036623 The card number is valid, but otherwise random.
CVV: 519 A random 3 digit number for Visa, MC and Disc. A random 4 digit number for Amex.
Routing: 903031778 The routing number is valid, but otherwise random.
Transit: 97236-877 The transit number is valid, but otherwise random. It is included because I have a client who can accept payments from Canadian banks.
Account: 196526272 The bank account number is a totally random number from 8 to 12 digits.