Very Simple Day Planner

It takes nothing more than putting a calendar into a binder to make that calendar very expensive. I wanted a planner format calendar with no bells or whistles, just room to write upcoming events in, but I really didn't like the price, so I hacked together a script to create one. Since I found it useful, I figured others might too.

Each month is printed on two facing pages. This means that the first page for each month is printed on the back of the second page for the previous month.

When you print this out, keep in mind that the first page goes on the back of the paper. Print the even pages first. When you place the pages back into the printer to print the odd pages, place a blank sheet on top of them.


Print all the odd pages. Flip the pages over. Reverse their order. The first page should now be on the top of the stack, but face down. Remove the top page. Put them back in the paper tray. Print all the even pages.

Starting Month/Year

Ending Month/Year





I have attempted to calculate the beginning of each season as closely as possible. During testing, calculations were made for the years 2009 through 2016. These calculations were checked against other sources. One beginning of Fall was off by one day. All other beginning of seasons were accurate. It is possible, though not likely, that a beginning of a season could be marked on the wrong day.