Scott Bryce

Scott Bryce

The Math Worksheet Site

On-line math worksheet generator. With The Math Worksheet Site you can create an endless supply of printable math worksheets.

Random Data for Testing Websites

A web page that generates random data for testing web sites such as shopping carts.

Spherical Parachutes for Model Rockets

Generate patterns for 1/2 sphere and 1/4 sphere parachutes for model rockets.


On-line tool for working cryptograms. Includes links to sites where you can find cryptograms.

Scott's Vermi Adventure

When the Red Worm Composting group was still active on Facebook, I was one of the most active contributors. I found myself answering the same questions over and over again. Scott's Vermi Adventure is a blog where I can post answers to often asked questions about raising composting worms.

Worm Calculator

Someone in the Redworm Composting group wanted to know how many worms he would need if he wanted to remove 10 pounds every day. Being both a worm geek, and a math geek, I came up with the answer, along with the formulas to answer similar questions. From there, I created the worm calculator.

Scott's Vermi Adventure Youtube Channel

When I had my large worm bin, I would use it to do worm experiments, usually involving feeding worms things you aren't supposed to feed them, and often with surprising success. I posted videos of my results on YouTube.

Master Mind

I couldn't find a Master Mind game on the internet with a good interface, so I wrote my own.

Yet Another Alcohol Stove

Alcohol stoves are inexpensive, lightweight alternatives to commercial backpacking stoves. After experimenting with several designs, I designed my own.

Careers Score Sheets

If you like the game of Careers as much as I do, you have run out of score sheets. Here are more in PDF format, with some slight variations. These are for the 1997 version of the game. (PDF)

I also have scoresheets for the 1971 version of the game, the 1957 version of the game, and the 2003 version of the game.

Careers Money

If you play the game of Careers as often as I do, you have noticed that there aren't enough $10,000 or $50,000 bills for a 4-player game, or enough $5000 bills if you play with more than 6 people. Here are some extras that you can download. These are for the 1997 version of the game. (PDF 90 Kb)

I also have $1,000 and $5,000 bills for the 1971 version of the game.

U.S. Geography

On-line activities for learning United States geography.


They take a calendar, put it in a binder, call it a planner, then charge way too much for it. I coded up an alternative that costs a lot less. No whistles and bells, just a simple planner.

Image Mapper

This is an image map utility for creating HTML image maps. Image Mapper finds the points on an image that define an outlined area in the image. Use this one if the areas on the image map are drawn with anti-aliased lines. Otherwise, the one below works better.

Image Mapper, Take 2

This is an image map utility for creating HTML image maps. Image Mapper, Take 2 finds the points on an image that define an outlined area in the image. Use this one if you can create an image that has the area to be mapped drawn with a hard (not anti-aliased) edge.

My Pacific Crest Trail Adventure

In May of 2008 I attempted to walk from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail. As if that wasn't enough, I also attempted to keep an on-line journal.

I only managed to hike the first 150 miles of the trail, but my journal and photos are posted on line.

A Prayer Meeting on Mars Hill

A word of encouragement for Christian homeschooling parents.

If it Makes You Happy

Lessons learned about commitment to God during a walk around the city.

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